giovedì 13 gennaio 2011

A sweet corner!

Hello Everybody :)

Today no lessons, which is great! Thta's way I'll take a few minutes to dedicate to you the recipe of one of my favourite desserts: the Panna Cotta (a sort of a creamy sugary pudding)! I just feel like sharing something sweet with you, and maybe let me know if you decide to try it!

What you need (for about 8 people... or less, if they are as greedy as I am!):

- half-litre of milk
- 600 grams of cream (not whipping cream)!
- a small glass of rhum
- 4 tablespoonful of sugar
- 12 grams of gelatin leaves (the transparent ones you have to put in cold water before you use them)
- a mould (the one you prefer)

What to do then?
Bring the milk to the boil together with the cream and the sugar. After a few seconds since it's boiling, take the pot away from the stove and put inside it the rhum and the gelatin leaves. (Be careful not to let the mixture  "stick" on the bottom of the pot!).

Prepare some caramel (it's easy! with sugar and a little bit of water which has to be burnt on the fire) and put it into the mould. Then put also the mixture of the pot into the mould.

Important: This dessert needs several hours to get cold (and solid!). That's why I suggest to prepare it  the previous day or at least in the morning if you want to eat it in the evening.

I hope you'll like it!!!
Back to my books now ;)

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