domenica 21 novembre 2010


Hello everybody!

Tonight, a short post to talk about one of my favourite hobbies... Photography!
Well, actually I must admit that I have never partecipated to a photography course and my digital camera is pretty old and simple too. Anyway, trust me, I'm going to buy a better one soon (by the way, have you got any suggestions? I'm thinking about something not too expensive and difficult to use, but with some manual settings I can have fun with).
Well, what I often think about is "why do I always feel the need to take pictures? Is this a mania?". Indeed, during a party or a walk or any other nice situation I really feel like taking pictures. But then I ask myself why it is so important to me, since I've got hundreds of pictures on my computer and I rarely look at them. Why is it so important to capture a movement, a colour, a situation? When I just have it printed and then I leave it in an album with loads of other old memories. That really sounds useless, but in any case I cannot help but taking pictures. Why is it so important? And on the other hand, why are there some people who really hate photos? I'm not talking about those who are scared because they think they will look bad or ugly... There are some people who really don't like taking pictures or they never feel like that; it's not important to them and sometimes it's almost... annoying! Are they maybe... freerer (is "freerer" correct? O.o ) than me? Or are they missing something?

Just doubts about that.

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