lunedì 1 novembre 2010

The Day after Halloween

Hello Everybody!

Are you still alive after the great Halloween parties you took part in?
What do you think about celebrating Halloween, then?
Actually, I cannot understand what I feel when I think about Halloween. I guess I just see it as a chance to meet friends and have fun together, and that's what I do every year. We don't dress up or anything, we just cook and have dinner together and then we go outside or just watch a movie like yesterday evening, since the weather was sooo bad over here!
By the way, I had never seen "Edward Scissorhands" and I found it great!
Do you think that Halloween is worth being celebrated in some special ways? Or is it just a stupid mania?
Americans!!! I want to hear your version! I really think that Halloween has a bigger sense in the U.S. than here in Europe. Let me know what you think about it!

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