lunedì 5 settembre 2011

Back to Reality

Hello surfers!

I'm sorry I haven't updated this blog in a while.
Actually nothing too interesting happened during my exams season and then I left for holidays. Lack of visitors to the blog is not a fillip for me, but I'm aware of the fact that if I don't post anything, things won't get better for sure. Do you have any tips to increase the number of visitors to a blog?

My holidays were great. I had a volunteering experience in EKPAZ, which is the Hellenic Wildlife Hospital, on the Island of Aegina, south of Athens. There, injured and poisoned wild animals are sent and can find a shelter where they are treated and fed in order to be released once they're better. It was a "real life experience", we can say. Hard work and not much food. Unfortunately something very bad happened 3 days after my departure and the bad news put a shade on the memories I'll have of this holiday.
Anyway, volunteering with animals was such a great experience! I would like to repeat it soon.
it's not easy to get back to my books and my daily routine right now. Once you try what's beyond your normal life of student, it's not painless trying to fit again into something that feels too tight for you.

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