sabato 24 settembre 2011

Volunteering abroad

I know that holidays have just ended, and it might be too early (and melancholic) to think about and plan your next holidays. But anyway, I'd just like to share with you the experience I had this summer and to give you a suggestion for a different (and cheaper!) way to spend your holidays.

As you've probably read in the title, I'm talking about Volunteering.
It means that you can travel to a foreign country (or to your own country, of course!) to take part in a volunteering project. There are different types of projects, as for example working with children, the disabled, old people, poor people, environmental volunteering, wildlife rescue projects and so on. I'm sure you'll find the best project for your own aptitudes and interests!

Of course, you'll have to pay your own flight or trip to the place you chose. But then, volunteering organisations often provide room and board for free or for not much money anyway.

Volunteering means hard work, no doubts about it. But think about all the positive aspects it has got. You have the opportunity to travel low cost, to visit a new place and meet new, great people from other countries and you are aware of the fact that you're doing something useful and very important for somebody else. And believe me,when you see with your own eyes that you're doing good and that your work is producing some results, it's just sooo rewarding and satisfying!

When you volunteer, if the place is well organised, you should normally have some spare hours to rest or go and visit the area every day and you should also get something like one whole free day per week, but of course it all depends on the specific organisation.

Where I went this summer is a center for wildlife rescue called EKPAZ, on Aegina Island, south of Athens (Greece). If you want more info about it, don't hesitate to ask!
Here's the website (but it's not really up to date...!) : EKPAZ

Other interesting websites:
WEP Italia (This one is in Italian. I hope you can find a WEP website in your country as well)
International Animal Rescue

Of course, these are just a few links I had checked while I was looking for a project this summer, so I cannot grant for them. Moreover, you can find dozens of other organisations through the search engines on the Net, so I'd be glad if you can let me know about other good projects you know, you've already experienced or you've found while surfing!   Thank you!   :)

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