lunedì 27 dicembre 2010

We've got our Journal!

Hi everybody!

Today I'm glad to introduce you our Travelling Journal!

Hehe, I'm too excited, I couldn't wait any longer so I've decided to buy it today.

Unfortunately it's made in France and not in Italy, but looking among all the copybooks of the store, this one seemed to be the best one to suit our project. Sooo, who cares if it's made in France, on the contrary, it's in step with the international spirit of the project, isn't it?!  :)

So, here it is!

Hope you'll like it!

Have a nice evening!

6 commenti:

  1. It is a beautiful journal! I hope it travels well, and fast!

  2. Hi countrydirt :)

    Thanks for joining! And of course Happy New Year!

  3. Hi! I would like to join your project! I'm from Ukraine

  4. Hi there!
    Thank you very much! I'll add you to the list of participants as soon as possible :)
    What's your name?

  5. To sevastopolka = PS: Are you from Postcrossing Forum? If so, please send me a U2U with your address. As you already know, my name in there is Rob. Thank you!