venerdì 24 dicembre 2010

A present for you!

Hello again!

Since it's Christmas and time for presents, here is my gift for you.

I have here with me a small book which reached me a couple of years ago. It's "an enchanting tale for all ages", as it's written behind it. Its title is "Little King December" and it is part of a project of Bookcrossing which was started from an English guy (I guess), who had decided to send a book in every country of the world (wow!), and I can't remember why, but I was the right person to stand for Italy.
Anyway, I don't think it will be a problem if the small book keeps on travelling, since this is the spirit of Bookcrossing and I can't remember any explicit prohibition about making the book leave the country.

Sooo, if you want to receive it, leave a comment under this post. I'll gather all your names together, write them on small pieces of papers and one of them will be decided by lot, ok?

I just ask you, please, to register the book here once you receive it: it's very important.

Thanks a lot and have fun!

9 commenti:

  1. hello Rob,
    I will send you a postcard . Just I have been chosen for this :)

  2. hello!
    Thank you for visiting my blog!
    Sorry, I don't understand the meaning of your comment. Would you like to receive this book?
    Let me know and... Happy New Year!

  3. yes... of course I would like :) I have find you from the web site : postcrossing. and I will send you a postcard.


    felice anno nuovo :)

  4. Great! Thank you!
    Have you got an email address? So that I can privately send you my address.
    Do you want to take part in the Travelling Journal Project?
    Let me know!

  5. I have your house address already from that website Rob :) thanks. I will choose a postcard for you tomorrow. About travelling project; unfortunely it is not possible for me (because of my husband & my money :). but if you come turkey, antalya one day, i want you make guest in my house. here is a "sea city". many thanks for your kind care.

  6. Thank you so much for your kind words and hospitality!

    I'm leaving tomorrow; I'll be back on the 5th or 6th January, I think. I'll send you the book as soon as I'm back. Write me your address on the postcard, okay?


  7. Have a good travel :) Okay, I will write.

    Good bye :)

  8. Hello again! I've just received your postcards. Thank you so much! They are very beautiful!!!
    I'll send you the small book as soon as possible, ok?
    Have a nice day!

  9. Hello Rob,
    I am very glad of you received my postcards. I had wanted to send you more beautiful cards but i could not find.
    It is a good game. I am very happy to send postcard to you.
    And many many thanks for the book.
    Good bye :)