lunedì 6 dicembre 2010

Travelling Journal!

Okay! This is the last post of the day, just to let you know about the idea I had while I was taking a shower
10 minutes ago.

I'd be glad to prepare a copybook we will then make travel among the participants. You will be able to write anything you want, or draw, stick pictures on it, share you thoughts, feelings, poems, why not!!! :)  At the end of its trip, the copybook will return back to me.

I just ask you not to keep the journal for a long time. Maybe if you understand that you have no time for it when you receive it, let it move on to the next participant. You'll be queued again when you have more free time for it. Then, please, make it travel safely (= proper package and stamps). In return I promise I'll post lots and lots of photos of it when I get it back :)

If you post a comment when you receive or send the copybook, we'll have fun tracking it during its journey :)

I had a similar experience with a group of Italian members of Bookcrossing and that was great! If you want, I can post some pictures of that copybook, just to let you better understand what I'm talking about ;)

So, if you are interested in this "project" just leave a comment under this post. I'll email you and gather your addresses. I'll make a sort of travel plan in order to create the best way and shorten the distances between two stops.

I think that we should put a time limit for entering the project, like for exemple, the end of the year. Then if there aren't enough participants, we'll change it.

Soooo! Plaese, help me!!! Take part in this project :) And if you know other people who could be interested, invite them!

I'm so excited!

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  1. I think your idea is wonderful. I think in the US we would use the word "journal" instead of "copybook." I've actually participated in them in the past. You could post a message on the PostCrossing Forum on the Traveling Notebook board, and I think you need to leave it open until about January. I can't participate because those journals are very expensive to mail and I'm still unemployed :-( But should I find a job ... I'd happily join.

  2. I think the idea is a fab one...need any people to sent it to? JemmaJ is my PostCrossing & BookCrossing username

  3. Thank you Jemma!!!
    Yes, I'm trying to gather people. I'll count on you, then! ;)

  4. I would love to join!!
    I'm Nathalie, and I come from Holland! (TotosDawn @

  5. yeah me too I would like to join :) I am from Finland and Some from postcrossing forum :)

  6. Great! 'till now we are all from different countries. That's gonna be fun :)

    As soon as possible I'm going to buy the copybook and begin with the job :)

  7. posted to karoliina yesterday

  8. When does it arrive back to you??

  9. In a long time, I'm afraid..
    Unless I decide that when it is full it returns back to me and just the new one will keep on travelling and not the two of them together. If so, it won't take a long time, since I think there's not much space left in it!
    The participants should tell me what they prefer. If it comes back, then I can start scanning it to share it with you. let me know!!!