giovedì 24 febbraio 2011

Lonely Days

Hello Surfers,

I'm writing this post just because I'm at home all alone, relaxing a little bit after a hard day of study.
My last exam is approaching and I'm really looking forward to being done with all this stuff and start again with new subjects and lessons!

My "postal activity" is doing great. The Travelling Journal is in the UK right now.
Some Postcrossers have already mailed some sand for my collection and I'm so excited because of that! In change I'm preparing some sets of postcards to send to those kind people and I'm so proud of that.

I'm also going to send a very beautiful postcard to China tomorrow; in fact, a Chinese Postcrosser had seen this beautiful card showing the Vittorio Emanuele bridge in Torino at night and asked me to buy another one for him, so I'm very glad to help in this way!

And... last but not least... I downloaded an amazing photo editing program from the Internet a couple of days ago. It's called; have you ever heard of/used it? I'm trying to understand how it works but I must say that I really like it! I' hope I'll learn how to use it soon. Have you got any tips?

Here is my first experiment:

Bed time... Goodnight!  =)

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