giovedì 10 febbraio 2011

Hard students' life!

Ohh... finally one day of rest in this hard period that every student on Earth knows very well: Exams break! You haven't got lessons but you have to set the alarm clock in any case, since you have loads of books, notes and slides to work out, like a miner with his pickax and his lantern.

But two exams out of three are gone so far, so... I feel justified to take a day of rest after such a hard brain work. And of course I've got a nice flu which is helping me a lot during this nice period! :D
But I don't want to complain, things are going great! I like my new University, after the bad last year; Spring is coming!!! Days are sunny and pretty warm. I can't wait to wear all my beloved T-shirts again! Thanks to the Postcrossing froum I've got loads of new worldwide penfriends and... my Travelling Journal didn't get lost! It's safe in its new temporary home in Holland.

And I've recently discovered the site called "SharedTalk", where you can contact foreign people who are learning your language or who speak the languages you're learning. A nice way to improve your skills together with other people in a safe place. I love it! I'm going to add a link on the blog right now.

Time for a shower!

                      HAPPY LIFE TO YOU!  :)

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