lunedì 14 marzo 2011

What's up?! - Random thoughts -

Hello Bloggers!

How are you? What have you been up to these days?

I know I haven't been very active recently, but I always check my blog for comments and new followers. Actually, I haven't had anything exciting to talk (or write?) about..    :)
Exams are over and I'm back to regular lessons. The new subjects are very interesting, especially Geography. I'm also reading a great book which I suggest to you all. Its Italian title is "Intervista con la Terra", by Brahic, Tapponnier, Brown and Girardon and it explains in an easy way how our solar system was born and how our planet works.

By the way, have you any other essays like this to suggest me? I'm pretty keen on that kind of topics.

It's also a good way to better understand what's happening in Japan right now. By the way, I wanted to spend a few  words for all those people who lost their lives, or their relatives and anyway who are in danger and have nothing left. Unfortunately, the power of Earth is something we cannot resist. We are small bricks of a too much bigger building. I know it's useless, but I want to say that I really feel close to all those people. Is there anybody from Japan who's reading this post?

Please, leave a comment or a short message in the ChatBox, when you visit this blog! Let me know who you are! I'd like this Blog to become a virtual place where to exchange opinions, thoughts, points of view. 

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